There may be times in life when we struggle to continue as we are and understanding the meaning we give to life-events can be difficult.

In counselling, I hope to support you to explore your thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour so that you develop more self-awareness and become closer to your true self, resulting in a shift from disconnect and anxiety to connection and an increased sense of self-worth.

The counselling will take place in a confidential setting, one in which I hope you will feel safe and free from judgement; one in which you may feel able to explore whatever you choose and at a pace which feels comfortable for you.  

I offer therapy from comfortable rooms in Market Harborough. There is a car park just around the corner, or free parking outside after 6pm.

I provide a free telephone assessment so you can get an idea of whether what I offer is what you are looking for.

To book an initial assessment, please see contact page.